It is normal practice for the DVSA enforcement teams to spot check an operators site IF the licence issued is new or if the operator has been recently issued with a fixed penalty notice. Their visit is to understand the level at which compliance is managed and how well the undertakings are being complied with. 


Our services means that we can give operators the peace of mind so that they can focus on running their core business. The services we offer are:


1. Full compliance audits

This covers every area of your undertakings and our findings will summarise issues and an action plan within 5 working days.  The benefit this gives you, is that we can fix issues ahead of any possible action by the DVSA.


We strongly recommend you take this option if you:

    •    are a new operator who has not yet had your mandatory site visit by the DVSA, or 

    •    have recently been issued with a fixed penalty, or 

    •    have been called to a public inquiry and wish to demonstrate to the traffic commissioner that your compliance is now satisfactory before action is taken against you, or

    •    are a director and may suspect that your compliance is not meeting the standards required.   


Our fees are relevant to the size of operation and range between £795 - £975.


2. Drop-in spot checks

This option is to understand that the fundamentals are in place to meet the undertakings.  This is recommended for Directors who may suspect that compliance is not meeting the required standards.


Our fees are relevant to the size of the operation and can range between £195 - £250


3. Part-time CPC qualified Transport Managers


Depending on fleet size, it is now not necessary to employ a full-time Transport Manager.  This gives some businesses the opportunity to outsource their CPC Holder, giving a more cost effective solution to oversee and manage O Licence obligations.  


Turn Compliant can provide outsourced transport management, meeting minimum hours as stipulated by the Traffic Commissioner for the size of the fleet.  


Our fees are dependent on current OCRS score (if known) and following a full compliance audit (compliance audit fee applies).  Monthly fees for Standard National operators licence are: 


Green Operators 

1st vehicle from £250 from £75 per additional vehicle thereafter.


Amber Operators 

1st vehicle from £350 from £125 per additional vehicle thereafter.


Red Operators 

Terms and conditions upon application


4. Compliance administration

If you operate under a ‘restricted’ licence, you are not obliged to employ a professionally competent person to manage your transport operation. You do however, need to meet the same standard to those who hold a higher tier licence.  We can offer administrative services, delivering you a comprehensive system to ensure you are compliant within your operation.


Our fees are relevant to the size of the operation and costs will depend on fleet size but also frequency of onsite attendance and level of support needed.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.



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